What Does It Mean To Really Love Someone?

Very interesting approach . Two notions be very intimate one another: love and grace but eitherway both embraced by the presupposition of cost. That’s, by my point of view, is the difference between the orthodox theology and roman-catholic theology-the parameter of cost. But what cost really is… Cost is an amount of money in everyday exchange routine, is a feeling i am envoked to seek in order to gain something sentimental in an emotional reaction in a life among people, but the cost as a an element of the God-human relationship is a very different thing, even if harsh one!. In Old Testament a lot of references are applied as in Job book. Consider the pain of this man, in the frame of his test-tornment, the grace wiil recieve must firtsly be paid in terms of pain and torture. That’s a cost consideration without doubt…but concider the other one: pain and humiliation may be part of his choise to elevate his spirit into grace. There is of course the conception of the purification of the soul in order to achieve high goals, nevertheless the problematic of a God-merchendiser and a God-pain Lover is solved by the purification path choise of man. That might be the aspect-solution of God’s love definition: a purification of the existing being!

J.S. Park

How do we actually love someone? What does it mean that God loves us? What is the «Christian» concept of love? Why is it unique?
Defining the gritty, painful, crazy depth of love in two and a half minutes.

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— J.S.

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A War Photographer Embeds Himself Inside a Video Game

One interesting piece…!!!


The Last of Us Remastered is a post-apocalyptic video game released earlier this year on PlayStation 4 with an in-game Photo Mode, which freezes the game and lets players shoot, edit and share photographs of their achievements.

TIME assigned conflict photographer Ashley Gilbertson to use the Photo Mode to document the game’s protagonists as they fight to survive in a zombie-infested world. Gilbertson writes about his experience.

I’ve spent a few days inside the body of an angry Hugh Jackman-lookalike.

TIME asked me to work as a photographer within the video game called The Last of Us Remastered, a hyper violent game in which a player must kill people that are infected with some type of brain and flesh condition. The game, which is very carefully rendered to look as real as possible, gives the player access to a wide variety of weapons, but it also provides players with…

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Communication and culture

Communication is a  critical issue and covers two aspects: First the development of human approach and second the reformation of society. Communication activity has also a symbolic attitude referring to the coding and decoding message procedure as a  function of mental and sentimental nature of man. His fate is to grow and learn hidden and profound knowledge leading to the meeting and knowing of the Other( see «la venir» of Derrida). All aspects of it, regarding interaction, social, political, diplomatic communication formulate a context of a social and individual enrichment .Society, politics and diplomacy may be poorer without the embedment of this context as the essence of the communication definition.

( C.A. Diamantopoulos)